Suzuka Circuit

A map of the layout of the entire Suzuka Circuit

Suzuka Circuit

The Suzuka International Racing Course(Suzuka Circuit for short), located in is one of the oldest and most famous of all Japanese motorsport tracks. Built in 1962 as Honda's test course, over time it became a world remowned racetrack. Oddly enough, it is one of the onnly courses to be in the configuration of a figure 8. To avoid the risk of a collision, instead of having the coruse intersect itself, the course was made so that the course uses an overpass to avoid intersection of the road. Even so, it is easily one of the most challenging courses in the world, and ensures the driver a challenge in a race. There are 3 variations of the course, one being the eastern weaving loop, one being the western circuit, and the last being the entire track itself.

Quick Facts

Built in: 1962

Current ongoing events: Formula One

Length: Approx. 3.6mi

Turns: 17

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