Super Speedway

An official layout illustration of the course, as well as parking and stands.

Super Speedway

Super Speedway is part of the famous Twin Ring Motegi track in 120-1 Hiyama, Motegi Haga, Tochi, 321-3597 Japan. It is a fairly new track, being commisioned in 1997. The course is a simple egg shape, but when refering to Twin Ring Motegi as a whole, it is simply known as the oval. The course only features four turns, turns 1 and 2 being long and gradual with turns 3 and 4 alot tighter. This course is easy for even beginners.

Quick Facts

Capacity (in stands, all facilities, including Road Course): 68,000

Owned by: Honda

Operated by: Mobilityland Corp. Ltd.

Opened in: August 1997

Cost to build (Entire course, including the Road Course): 5 billion Japanese Yen

Current ongoing major events: Grand Prix of Japan, Indy Japan 300, IRL IndyCar Series, MotoGP World Championship

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