Autumm Ring

A picture of what Autumn Ring looks like. Autumn Ring Mini is the bottom right part with the white part included

Autumn Ring + Autumn Ring Mini

Autumn Ring is a made up track which is featured in over 3 versions of the Gran Turismo series. It is normally complemented alongside a Autumn Ring Mini circuit which normally represented the bottom right concourse of the track, using the white line in the track layout. As a regular in the Gran Turismo series it is often one of the most realistic looking tracks and is kept in good shape throughout each model make. The track itself offers a handful of intermediate and easy turns with a couple advanced corners complemented by few straightaways making it a track with decent difficulty.

Because of the extra two parts of the track that are unused in the main track it means that it can have more combinations to provide a wider range of track circuits.

This track appeared in these games:

Gran Turismo 1
Gran Turismo 2
Gran Turismo 4

Track Facts

Autumn Ring:

Length: 1.83mi

Elevation Change Throughout Course: 98.4ft

Autumn Ring Mini:

Length: 0.80mi

Elevation Change Throughout Course: 53.1ft

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