About Gran Turismo

If it werent for Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo would not exist.

He had always wanted to make a realistic racing game, but had been denied the opportunity by Sony, because they believed that there was not enough demand for such a game, especially considering the Need for Speed series already existed.

Instead, Sony assigned him to direct a series called Motor Toon Grand Prix. It became a sort of test-bed for the physics engine that would be used in Gran Turismo. The game's engine was purposely built with relatively realistic physics in mind, that could be tweaked for even more realism.

After the success of the series, Sony allowed for him to have some freedom, and he chose to work on what later became known as Gran Turismo. As soon as Gran Turismo came out, it took the world by storm. News spread about a realistic racing game with exceptional graphics, realistic physics, and Dualshock support. Immediately, people began to import the game and Dualshock controllers.

A lot of gamers however, disliked the series. It received many mixed reactions. Most gamers didn't want to have to go through the license tests! The reason the game got so much attention though, was because car enthusiasts picked up on it. Many gamers didn't know or care what Camber Angle was, but car enthusiasts knew, so they modified their cars in-game. Gran Turismo gave many car enthusiasts the chance to do what they normally wouldn't be able to do in real life, just like Madden did for Football enthusiasts, and what Tony Hawk games did for Skateboarding enthusiasts.

Other Gran Turismo Games
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