Gran Turismo 4 Licenses

[edit] What are Licenses for?

You'll need to earn licenses in order to progress throughout the game. Without the proper license, you won't be able to race in A-spec mode where you're allowed to drive on your own. Instead, you'll have to watch you B-spec driver race around in your car. There is no Rally license in this version. You can only get the B, A, IB, IA, and S license in GT4 in order of the difficulty in attaining them. There are 16 individual tests and 1 coffee break (a test you’re guaranteed to get Bronze) per license. Out the 16, 1 is a graduation test, which is unlocked when all the other tests in the license are completed. Once you pass the graduation test, you’ll be rewarded with the license. It takes patience and determination to pass these tests, but once you do, you’ll receive a license and a special reward. The better you do, the more and better rewards you earn.

[edit] Licenses

B Licenses

A Licenses

IB Licenses

IA Licenses

Super Licenses

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