Gran Turismo 4 Driving Missions


[edit] What are Driving Missions?

Driving Missions are challenges that test your driving skills and abilities. There are 4 types of missions. The first is called The Pass, during this challenge you must take a corner or corners at the best possible speed and angle in order to exit it in the shortest amount of time and crossing the finish line. The second type is the 3 Lap Battle where you are put in last place, and you are given 3 laps to pass every car in front of you to finish 1st. Slipstream battles are the 3rd type. They involve you driving the same car as the rivals. Instead of overpowering them, you must draft wisely in order to gain on the 1st place car and finish first. The final type is 1 Lap Showdowns. You are given a superior car to drive against slower cars. The slower the car, the earlier they get to start. After a delay of a specific amount of seconds, you are given 1 lap to catch up and finish before all the other cars. If you succeed in certain missions, you will be rewarded with several unique cars.

[edit] Missions

[edit] The Pass

Mission License Required Course
Mission 1 – The Pass: Deep Forest IB License Deep Forest: 1st Corner
Mission 2 – The Pass: Grand Valley IB License Grand Valley: 1st Corner
Mission 3 – The Pass: Côte d’ Azur IB License Côte d’ Azur: 2nd Corner
Mission 4 – The Pass: Seattle IB License Seattle: 1st Corner
Mission 5 – The Pass: High-speed Ring IB License High-speed Ring: Corner 2-3
Mission 6 – The Pass: Tsukuba IB License Tsukuba Circuit: Dunlop Bridge
Mission 7 – The Pass: Midfield Raceway IB License Midfield Raceway: Final Hairpin
Mission 8 – The Pass: Trial Mountain IB License Trial Mountain: 1st Tunnel
Mission 9 – The Pass: Motegi Oval IB License Sarthe’04: Twin Ring Motegi Road Course
Mission 10 – The Pass: Sarthe I IB License Sarthe’04: Mulsanne Straight

[edit] Lap Battle

Mission License Required Course Car Used
Mission 11 – 3 Lap Battle: New York IA License New York Reverse Toyota 2000GT ‘67
Mission 12 – 3 Lap Battle: Laguna Seca IA License Laguna Seca Raceway Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II ‘04
Mission 13 – 3 Lap Battle: Opera Paris IA License Opera Paris Peugeot 206 Rally Car ‘99
Mission 14 – 3 Lap Battle: Seattle IA License Seattle Circuit Plymouth Super Bird ‘70
Mission 15 – 3 Lap Battle: Côte d’ Azur IA License Côte d’ Azur Lancia STARTOS Rally Car ‘77
Mission 16 – 3 Lap Battle: Suzuka IA License Suzuka Circuit Volkswagen Beetle Cup Car ‘00
Mission 17 – 3 Lap Battle: Infineon IA License Infineon Raceway (Sports Car Course) Audi R8 Race Car ‘01
Mission 18 – 3 Lap Battle: Sarthe II IA License Circuit de la Sarthe II Nissan R92CP Race Car ‘92
Mission 19 – 3 Lap Battle: Suzuka East IA License Suzuka Circuit East Amuse S2000 Street Version ‘04
Mission 20 – 3 Lap Battle: Tsukuba IA License Tsukuba Circuit Nissan mm-R Cup Car ‘01

[edit] Slipstream Battle

Mission License Required Course Car Used Lead Car Handicap
Mission 21 – Slipstream Battle 1: Nissan Cube IA License Test Course Nissan CUBE EX (FF/CVT) ‘02 Nissan CUBE EX (FF/CVT) ‘02 11.7 Seconds
Mission 22 – Slipstream Battle 2: Honda Odyssey IA License Test Course Honda Odyssey ‘03 Honda Odyssey ‘03 12.1 Seconds
Mission 23 – Slipstream Battle 3: Nissan Skyline GT-R IA License Test Course Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) ‘00 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) ‘00 14 Seconds
Mission 24 – Slipstream Battle 4: Amuse S2000 GT1 IA License Test Course Amuse S2000 GT1 ‘04 Amuse S2000 GT1 ‘04 9.3 Seconds

[edit] 1 Lap Magic

Mission License Required Course Car Used Lead Car Handicap
Mission 25 – 1 Lap Magic: Z Showdown| IA License Fuji Speedway 80’s Nissan MOTUL PITWORK Z (JGTC) ‘04 Nissan Fairlady Z 280Z –L 2seater (S130) ‘78 35 Seconds
Mission 26 – 1 Lap Magic: Honda Showdown| IA License Suzuka Circuit Honda TAKATA DOME NSX (JGTV) ‘03 Honda S500 ‘63 90 Seconds
Mission 27 – 1 Lap Magic: Mazda Showdown| IA License Laguna Seca Raceway Mazda 787B Race Car ‘91 Mazda 110 S (L10 A) ‘67 50 Seconds
Mission 28 – 1 Lap Magic: Celica Showdown| IA License Fuji Speedway 2005 Toyota WEDSSPORT CELICA (JGTC) ‘03 Toyota CELICA 1600GT (TA22) ‘70 37 Seconds
Mission 29 – 1 Lap Magic: Chevrolet Showdown| IA License Infineon Raceway (Sports Car Course) Chevrolet Corvette C5R (C5) ‘00 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (C1) ‘54 44 Seconds
Mission 30 – 1 Lap Magic: Subaru Showdown| IA License Tsukuba Circuit Subaru IMPREZA Rally Car ‘03 Subaru SUBARU 360 ‘58 53 Seconds
Mission 31 – 1 Lap Magic: Lotus Showdown| IA License High Speed Ring Reverse Lotus Espirit V8 ‘02 Lotus Elan S1 ‘62 18 Seconds
Mission 32 – 1 Lap Magic: Ford Showdown| IA License Seattle Circuit Reverse Ford GT ‘05 Ford Taurus SHO ‘98 25 Seconds
Mission 33 – 1 Lap Magic: GM Showdown| IA License Infineon Raceway (Sports Car Course) Cadillac CIEN ‘02 Buick GNX ‘87 21 Seconds
Mission 34 – 1 Lap Magic: Mercedes Benz Showdown| IA License Nürburgring Nordschleife Mercedes SLR McLaren ‘03 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupe ‘54 123 Seconds

[edit] Rewards

Complete Missions 1-10: DMC DeLorean S2 '04
Complete Missions 11-20: JAY LENO Tank Car '03
Complete Missions 21-24: PAGANI Zonda Race Car '01
Complete Missions 25-29: TOYOTA 7 Race Car '70
Complete Missions 30-34: NISSAN R89C Race Car '89

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