Gran Turismo 4

Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo 4.jpg
Gran Turismo 4 Boxart
Developer(s)Polyphony Digital
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
DesignersKazunori Yamauchi
Release Date(s)JP December 28, 2004
NA February 22, 2005
EU March 9, 2005
SeriesGran Turismo
PlatformsPlaystation 2
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[edit] Background

Gran Turismo 4 is the fourth installment of the popular game series Gran Turismo made by Sony. This version offers over 700 usable cars with many GT original, as well as real world renowned, tracks to choose from, giving the player many different possibilities leading to many different experiences. Gran Turismo 4 also shows off a new feature: Photo Mode. This new mode allows drivers to take as many shots of their cars as they would like. Gran Turismo 4 also takes everything from the car's own horsepower to everything technical, such as downforce, gear ratio, and limited slip to offer even the most enthusiastic players a challenge. Even more, this verson offers not only the traditional first person racing, refered to as A-Spec in this game, but also gives the player a third person setting on the player's own descretion, which is refered to as B-Spec. This views the race in progress with the player having the "director" job in a race crew, allowing the player to give various commands such as how fast to go, when to overtake, and when to pit stop.

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Track List

[edit] Car List

See Gran Turismo 4 Car List.

[edit] Races

See the Gran Turismo 4 Race List.

[edit] Driving Missions

See the Driving Missons List.

[edit] Licenses

See the Licenses List.

[edit] Photo Drive

See the Photo Drive Guide.

[edit] PSP version

Gran Turismo 4 (also known as Gran Turismo 4 Mobile) for the PSP is basically a mini-version of Gran Turismo 4 for the PS2, but there are a few differences between the two. The content between the two games is the same. GT4 Mobile has a wireless LAN feature allowing multiple PSP players to race each other. Unfortunately, GT4 Mobile has fewer cars and tracks than GT4. The graphics for GT4 Mobile also aren't as great as those in GT4. GT4 Mobile features original cars and tracks not found in GT4 as well. The number of generic buildings and other "window dressing" structures in the backgrounds has also been reduced., and the number of CPU cars has been decreased from 6 to 4.

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