Gran Turismo 4 Photo Drive

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[edit] What is Photo Drive?

This mode that lets you takes pictures of you car from either a replay or in an actual scenic location. You can visit gorgeous locations in Japan, Europe, and America. You can take pictures of your car on the track from a replay as well. You can then save any pictures you take on your memory card or a flash drive. You can also transfer them directly to your PC with a USB connector. GT4 also allows you to add special effects to your photos. You can change the shutter speed to make a fast moving object blurred, and you can even change the saturation of the picture. You can also choose from hundreds on different angles to take your picture from. Show off your best cars to your friends.

[edit] Guide

Name Button To Use What It Does
Exposure L1 + Up/Down Adjusts brightness
White Balance L2 + Up/Down Adjusts amount of red and blue light. Increase it to increase the amount of blue light. Decrease it to increase the amount of red light.
Aperture R1 + Up/Down Adjusts focus. Increase it to bring more things in focus. Decrease it to focus more on central object.
Shutter Speed R2 + Up/Down Adjusts speed of which the picture us take. The higher the speed, the sharper the picture will come out. The slower the speed, the ore blurred objects in motion will appear.
Adjust Zoom Right Control Stick Adjusts zoom of camera
Rotate Viewfinder Right Control Stick Allows the camera to rotate on its sides.
Panning Left Control Stick Allows camera to angle left, right, up and down.
Saturation Triangle Filters the amount of color.
Vertical/Horizontal X Takes picture.
Focus Square Allows manual focus of image.
Camera Up/Down Up/Down Moves camera position up and down.
Select Camera Left/Right Allows different camera position selection.
Exit Photo Shoot Select Exits photo shoot.
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