Gran Turismo 1

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Gran Turismo 1
Gran Turismo 1 Boxart
Developer(s)Polyphony Digital
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
DesignersKazunori Yamauchi
Release Date(s)JP December 23, 1997
NA April 30, 1998
EU July 20, 1998
SeriesGran Turismo
PlatformsPlaystation 1
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Gran Turismo 1 was the first in the Gran Turismo series and was the most realistic driving simulation game out at the time , it saw realistic driving conditions introduced and 3 different methods of driving, 4WD , RWD and FWD this opened up a whole new plethora of possibilities and is the main reasons why it became one of the best selling games of the 20th century.


[edit] Release

The game was met with anticipation as too whether or not Sony could pull off such a remarkable feat. Being released so close to Christmas meant that sales were restricted until after Christmas day which then saw a boom in sales which by the end of the April saw it sell over 10 million copies.

[edit] Features

The game was one of the first two offer two game modes, Arcade and Simulation. The difference between the two being that in Arcade damage is accumulated to the car up to the point where it breaks down. Simulation is where you compete for trophies against the AI or for experience points.

[edit] Track List

[edit] Cars List

See Gran Turismo 1 Car List.

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